Our Vineyard

The Vines

The vines are around 50 years old and are planted in limestone and clay ( Calcaire and Argile) on a slight gradient. We have two grape varieties Cabernet Franc and Merlot. There is a grape selection process, by hand, from all the vines; so a limited production per vine is guaranteed, to ensure quality in all three of the wines produced. On average there is a total production of 8,000 bottles per total vintage.

The Vineyard

The small 2.2 hectares vineyard of Chateau La Grande Etouble is situated in St Ciers de Canesse, in the Bordeaux AOC of Cotes de Bourg. This appellation is the oldest wine making region of all the Bordeaux appellations – they have been making wine here since the Roman times. The vineyard of the Chateau La Grande Etouble is nestled within the gently rolling hills of the Gironde Estuary or “Little Switzerland”, as it is sometimes referred to. Only a stone’s throw across the Gironde estuary from the Medoc, where some of the most desirable, world famous Bordeaux wines are produced.

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