Our Winemaker

Contact Ben Hall    TEL:  +33 (0)7  82  56  87  49    EMAIL:   benhall@legaragiste.eu 

Ben Hall le garagiste

Hi, I’m Ben Hall, together with my wife Gill, we manage and run our vineyard – Chateau La Grande Etouble – completely unaided.

From vine to wine, our grapes receive a very high level of manual care. We believe the quality of our wine reflects this nature and organic approach.  The wines we produce are excitingly different  – they are handmade with love and passion. From start to finish, we nurture and follow the seasons through to grape harvest. I have a great respect for the “terriore” and use equipment to cultivate & feed the soil naturally.

My aim is to make exceptional wines to stimulate all your senses and evoke memories with every mouth-wateringly delicious mouthful. I blend my wines to help take you to another level of awareness, to offer a richer and fuller experience. I’m hoping our wines will become firm favourites of yours. Celebrate future special moments with a glass of   Le Garagiste“. Start creating some magical memories.

Our motto has become “Le Garagiste – Always good, toujours bon”.

Why “Le Garagiste”

“Les Garagistes**” were an elite group of winemakers in the Bordeaux wine region producing “vin de garage”. These productions were given a great amount of attention to quality and a higher level of manual care, thus producing fine, quality wines in very small limited quantities. Ben’s vineyard of 2.2 hectares produces a limited production, this enables much of the work to be done by hand by its owners Gill and Ben Hall. From start to finish, Ben Hall tends to the vines, preparing the grapes, throughout the whole vine growing season, including wine making and blending, through to designing the labels.           His ethos is always to respect the “terroire” , the quality of his grapes takes precedence over quantity. Ben Hall is your modern day “Le Garagiste**”.



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